Practical Horticulture


An easily readable and scientifically thorough text, Practical Horticulture provides the basics in horticultural science and clearly illustrates the applications of that knowledge in both home and production agriculture. In addition to a plethora of photographs and precisely illustrated drawings, the fifth edition boasts a comprehensive primary section on anatomy, physiology nomenclature and other basic topics, as well as secondary sections to focus the student's studies on either horticulture or indoor plants.

New to this substantially revised edition:

  • Updated Internet resources at the end of each chapter for further online study
  • A listing of trade and professional journals, as well as national and international professional horticultural organizations
  • An introduction to the ethics of horticulture, including samples of a professional organization's ethical guidelines
  • New material on safety with regard to the mixing and application of pesticides, and pesticides residues, as well as allied information on non-chemical pest and disease control
  • A soil texture diagram and an expanded section on the role of soil organisms in plant growth
  • Concise sections on commercial production of container-grown landscape plants, bedding plants, vegetables, commercial seed production, and greenhouse pot plants

ISBN-10: 0136788068
ISBN-13: 9780136788065
Book pages: 500
Book language: en
Edition: 2nd Revised ed.
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Prentice Hall
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