Not Dead Yet: A Manifesto for Old Age


Introduction : Run The Film Backwards -- Don't Make Assumptions About My Age : End Age Discrimination -- Don't Waste My Skills And Experience : The Right To Work -- Don't Take My Pride Away : End Begging For Entitlements -- Don't Trap Me At Home Because There Are No Loos Or Seats : Reclaim The Streets -- Don't Make Me Brain Dead, Let Me Grow : Open Access To Learning -- Don't Force Me Into A Care Home : Real Choice In Housing -- Don't Treat Those Who Look After Me Like Rubbish : Train And Reward Care Assistants Properly -- Don't Treat Me Like I'm Not Worth Repairing : Community Beds And Hospitals -- Don't Treat My Death As Meaningless : The Right To Die Well -- Don't Assume I'm Not Enjoying Life, Give Me A Chance : Grey Rage. Julia Neuberger. Includes Bibliographical References (p. 345-348) And Index.

ISBN-10: 0007226462
ISBN-13: 9780007226467
Book pages: 368
Book language: en
Binding: Hardcover
Dimensions: Height: 9.48817 Inches, Length: 6.2992 Inches, Weight: 1.3889122506 Pounds, Width: 1.29921 Inches

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